You will work through directed readings and specific content on your own at around 25 hours per week and receive credit for those hours spent away from class. Email and telephone access are always available to reach our instructors.
Hands-on skills and theory will dominate the in-class section of the course, along with occasional practical and written tests. This way the students will know how they are progressing, and to identify areas where the class or an individual student needs more guidance.


Massage Therapy Level I (1000 hours)

Components of the program include massage techniques, theory (including anatomy, kinesiology, basic pathology, basic assessment skills), related skills including communication and ethics, and business skills

  • Graduates of this program will be eligible to obtain membership in the NHPC Association and become a registered massage therapist in Alberta. However, laws are changing in other provinces, and it is strongly recommended that the candidate also complete the subsequent program Massage Therapy Level II.
  • The appropriate job setting for graduates of this program would be where relaxation massage is the primary modality.

Massage Therapy Level II (1200 hours + 1000 hours previous training = 2200 hours total)

Students are required to complete Massage Therapy I course or an equivalent program before enrolling in this program.

  • Components of the program include massage techniques, theory (including anatomy, kinesiology, advanced pathology, advanced assessment skills), related skills including communication and ethics, and business skills.
  • Completion of this program allows students to become members of the Massage Therapy Association of Alberta (MTAA), as well as preparing the students for the registration exams of the Saskatchewan counterpart, the Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS).


Master schedules, including dates of the on-site instructional days and the material covered on each day is available for both Massage Therapy Level 1 and Massage Therapy Level 2 upon request from prospective students.


Leah Haines R.M.T. - Course Instructor

Leah Haines - Instructor

Leah has been a member of the National Health Practitioners of Canada since 2011, having graduated from Alberta Massage Training in 2012 to begin her amazing career.
She has developed an expertise in therapeutic massage, and has even extended her skills to include her passion for animals, providing massage therapy for people and her four-legged friends. Leah has pursued numerous other professional development activities and training in myofascial release and cupping for example. And before becoming a SESMT instructor, Leah was renowned as a REIKI master and teacher. Leah has studied Shamanism extensively as well, and is also currently working on her second year Bachelor of Arts program through MacEwan University majoring in Anthropology and Psychology.
Leah spends what spare time she has enjoying nature at it fullest, riding her horses, walking her dogs and of course being a mom to her two amazing teenage daughters.


Cindy Ypma R.M.T. - Course Instructor SESMT Instructor Cindy

Cindy Ypma has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist for 15 years.
She has over 2500 hours of training and is a graduate of Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. She graduated in 2005 and was a member of the CMTO before moving to Alberta, where she is now a member of the MTAA. Her post-graduate training & educational experiences explain her expertise in sports massage, prenatal and geriatric care, as well as TMJ massage.  Cindy devoted part of her career to working with children with physical disabilities at a children’s hospital in the Dominican Republic.
Cindy specializes in trigger point treatment, therapeutic massage, stress and pain relief, and she is also a Certified Reflexologist. She loves to promote the benefits of massage therapy while guiding her students to provide the level of expert care that she has always given to her clients.


Janesta Augustson R.M.T. - Course Instructor

SESMT Instructor JanestaJanesta graduated from the Grant MacEwan University in 1999 and has been a massage therapist for over 20 years, while maintaining her affiliation and registration with the MTAA. She is the owner/operator of her own massage therapy clinic (Southside Massage Therapy), and previously worked for 12 years at a clinic based out of the Grey Nuns Hospital, where she treated both in-patients and out-patients. Janesta believes that massage has potent therapeutic value, and that relaxation and wellness are just as important as injury rehabilitation. She has additional training in professional cupping therapy from the Whole Health Institute of Cupping and Complementary Medicine, as well as an expertise in manual lymphatic drainage from the Dr. Vodder School International. She has also had training in reflexology through the Therapeutic Reflexology Institute. She is honoured to be able to share her love of massage therapy and her years of experience with her students.
In her free time, Janesta enjoys crafts such as cross-stitching and sewing costumes, as well as her favourite outdoor pursuits, such as camping, fishing, and finding new places to go hiking and adventuring with her family.


Lucinda duManoir-Scollon R.M.T. - Course Instructor

Lucinda graduated from a 3000 hour Advanced Massage Therapy Program with "Champion Status", is a member in good standing with the CRMTA, and is helping provide massage therapy services to the south Edmonton community through the TAWA Physical Therapy Clinic. Prior to joining the South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy, Lucinda was a full time massage therapy tutor and student mentor.

Lucinda's expertise and special interests include cupping, neuro-dynamic nerve flossing, and tissue manipulation. She has also explored an interest in Lomi-lomi style massage, alternate therapies and Gua Sha. Lucinda finds professional fulfillment and job satisfaction not only in learning new techniques and skills for herself, but also in helping others gain new knowledge and mastering the massage therapy profession.

Lucinda looks at Massage Therapy as a means of guiding the human body into balance through relaxation focused techniques to treat conditions and areas of concern.

On a more personal note, when she is not caring for her clients and guiding her students, you can find Lucinda hanging out with her husband, children, and their two puppies... or perhaps avoiding them all with a good book!