A Career as a Massage Therapist


A career as a Massage Therapist is empowering and flexible. Massage therapists can be self-employed working from home. They can also work in spas as relaxation massage therapists. Many massage therapists work as part of an interdisciplinary team in either a physiotherapy or chiropractic clinic.

Massage therapists are in great demand throughout the province of Alberta. We have seen an increased demand specifically in the area of motor vehicle accident injury treatment. Changes to the insurance industry within the last 6 years have included massage therapy treatments to be direct billed to insurance companies, making massage therapy treatment more accessible to patients. Demand will only increase as our baby boomer population ages.

Income ranges depend on the type of employment, location and number of clients. Massage therapists may charge from $85 to $120 for a one-hour treatment, and $70 to $90 for a half hour treatment. Some therapists work part time, while a busy therapist might see six to eight clients per day.
Massage therapists on contract to physiotherapy or chiropractic clinics typically receive a commission of between 50%-60% of billings. Typically these therapists are busier as they will get client referrals from the clinic, and can focus on their clients without the administrative aspects of running a business.

Massage therapists who work from home keep all the revenue they generate, but of course, they are also responsible for all phone calls and appointment bookings, taking payments, laundry, and other administrative duties. Typically a home based therapist does not have as large of a caseload as one who is in a clinic, considering all referrals are self-generated or by word-of-mouth, but will build up a list of regular clients over time.