Qualification Upgrading

As you may know, Manulife, Alberta Blue Cross, and SunLife Insurance companies have instituted policies that require Massage Therapists to have 2200 hours of Massage Therapy training. Since 2013, these insurance companies have denied claims from any Canadian massage therapist working in a non-regulated province that does not have 2200 hours of formal training. It is important that all practicing massage therapists who are currently working with only 1000 hours of training upgrade in order for clients to be able to claim these treatments under their extended health benefits.

Don't get left behind with the changes to Canada's insurance industry!

Because of our blended-learning approach, you can upgrade to a 2200 hour educational level while continuing to work full time. You can continue to work during the week while attending our on-site classes once per month in conjunction with studying at home.

Provided that you are a licensed Alberta massage therapist and/or have 1000 hours of training, you are eligible to join our Massage Therapy Level II program. The focus of this program is applied anatomy, pathology, orthopedic assessment and treatment planning in the therapeutic setting. Once you have successfully completed our 10-month program you will have obtained the additional 1200 hours of training you need and you will receive our 2200 hour diploma required by the insurance regulators. You will also be a better therapist, re-energized and well-prepared to take on the most challenging patients!

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